Next-gen is officially here?
An Xbox One console with Kinect placed on top.

Microsoft is officially done with developing first-party titles for the Xbox One, their game console that debuted in November 2013. Beyond offering ongoing support for existing Xbox One titles, Microsoft and the Xbox Game Studios are now focused on developing games for the Xbox Series X|S and PC.

You probably had a small inkling that development was halted after the recent Xbox Games Showcase featured approximately zero new titles for the Xbox One platform. Confirmation of this internal shift came from Xbox Game Studios chief Matt Booty in a statement issued Axios.

Booty says flatly that Xbox has "moved on to Gen 9." As of now, no internal teams at Microsoft are working on games for Xbox One outside of support for ongoing games like Minecraft. Booty also notes that while new Xbox One titles aren't coming, those that don't yet have a Series X|S can still play those newer releases on their older hardware through the cloud.

While Microsoft may be done with first-party Xbox One titles that's not to say that new third-party titles won't still be cross-gen releases. In the near future there are numerous titles still planning to release on the Xbox One from third-party studios.