Staten will lead development on a new "AAA multi-platform game."
Photo of a man in a blue shirt looking at the camera. The big red N Netflix logo is to the right in the image.

On April 8, 2023, news about Joseph Staten parting ways from Microsoft made its way around the Internet. Staten served as the creative lead on Halo Infinite and was the cinematic director on the first three Halo titles from Bungie. At the time, Staten said that he would have "more info to share soon."

True to his word, Staten's immediate future was revealed today. Taking once more to Twitter, Staten revealed that he has joined up with Netflix Games. It is here that Staten will be the creative director "for a brand-new AAA multiplatform game and original IP."

Staten really is no stranger to tackling new and grand IPs. Between Halo Infinite and the first three Halo games, Staten was the story director for the original Destiny. He was also the creative director on games like Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, and even Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Netflix entered into the world of gaming way back in 2021 with a focus on a handful of mobile game offerings. The studio really hasn't made many waves in the gaming world yet as a result, with some estimates suggesting that only 1% of all Netflix subscribers have tried out any of the games. In late 2022, Netflix said that they wanted to create a "AAA PC game" and this project by Staten may be their ticket to achieving that goal.