The Spider's Thread Update is also now available across all platforms.
Three mysterious, supernatural figures standing in a darkened alcove near a small body of water.

After a long wait, those on the Xbox Series X|S and those with Game Pass subscriptions can now play Ghostwire: Tokyo. The Tango Gameworks developed title will have Xbox players going on a little supernatural adventure that PlayStation 5 and PC players got to experience a little while back already.

This release on Xbox does include all of the updates and additions made to the game since its original release. In theory, the Xbox release today should be super polished as a result of these updates being in from the start.

In addition to Ghostwire: Tokyo being released on Xbox today, the Spider's Thread Update was also just released for all available platforms. This new content offers an additional game mode, new areas to explore, extended story cutscenes, and more options for combat. The new game mode introduces a bit of a rogue-lite element to the game if you want to put your skills to the test.

For those who have not yet played Ghostwire: Tokyo, it should be noted that you can interact with dogs and cats while exploring. It's pretty great. The rest of the game is alright too, I suppose. I'll say that you will have a much more enjoyable time with this game if you are at least moderately interested in Japanese folklore.

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