But it might be coming back, to Game Pass at least.
One person using psychic abilities to push an armed and armored guard away.

Remedy Entertainment's game where you can bend time as Iceman (Shawn Ashmore), Quantum Break, was just pulled from both Steam and Game Pass. If you were just about to pick it up for yourself, there might be some good news here. Maybe.

Remedy has officially stated that Quantum Break was pulled due to some licenses that have expired. Those licenses are already in the process of being renewed. This means that Quantum Break should be returning shortly.

The issue here is that Remedy Entertainment only mentions that it's "coming back to Game Pass" and makes no mention of it returning to Steam. It seems likely that once these licensing issues are ironed out, it will also return to Steam but without an official confirmation, it's hard to say.

Licensing issues with games isn't all that new. We have seen licensed tracks pulled from Grand Theft Auto games over the years. We have seen games like Project Cars and Project Cars 2 pulled from sale due to car and track licenses expiring. Even the original Alan Wake was pulled for a time from Steam back in 2017 due to licensing before returning in 2018.