The new cherry blossom biome is coming in 1.20.
A small pink house made of pink wood, with a pink door, and pink window frame sitting in a snowy biome. A pink sign on the house reads hi. Behind the house is a biome full of pink cherry blossom trees.

Mojang reveals that a new biome is coming soon to Minecraft. When the 1.20 update releases for the ever-popular game, a new cherry blossom biome will be added. This update is currently set to arrive "soon" for beta snapshot releases for both Java and Bedrock.

As the biome name implies, the cherry blossom biome will be filled with cherry blossom trees. These pretty pink trees will be home to a number of mobs and animals like pigs, sheep, and bees.

Of course, these trees are able to be chopped down and turned into a new cherry blossom wood set. You can even use the cherry blossom tree wood with the new hanging sign item that is also coming with Minecraft 1.20. Saplings from these cherry blossom trees can be planted anywhere you want, so you can bring the pink back home.

Minecraft 1.20 will also feature a new ancient mob called sniffer. Along those "ancient" lines, archelogy is also being added in the 1.20 update.

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