Limited durability knives, side-quests, health bars, and more.
A man with long hair surrounded by flames. He is aiming down the sight of a pistol.

Game Informer kicked off their month's long coverage of cover story Resident Evil 4 with some fresh gameplay information. The new issue, which you can read digitally right now, goes into details on some of the new gameplay changes players will see when the remake releases on March 24, 2023 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

As part of today's reveals, we learn that quick-time events are gone. There are now new side-quests that you can optionally take on. Knives are no longer indestructible and will break after some time using them.

The side-quests mentioned by Game Informer will be offered to the player through blue flyers that you can find while playing. These flyers will task you with solving a puzzle, or perhaps tracking down and eliminating a specific enemy. Those who liked finding the blue medallions in the original game will be happy to hear that they are returning for the remake.

In the original game, you had one knife that you could use as much as you liked. In the remake, knives will have limited durability and will break after some use. You will be able to keep several knives in your inventory if you so desire.

Jewels and gems are also returning in the Resident Evil 4 remake. You will be able to trade these to the merchant to buy items such as treasure maps, weapon attachments, and even yellow herbs.

Ashley Graham will no longer have her own health bar. Instead, she will be put into a downed state if she receives too much damage. If you fail to revive her in time, she will die and you will have to reload from the last save or checkpoint. Capcom says they wanted to make Ashley "feel more like a natural companion and less like a second health bar to babysit."