Time to party like it's 1995.
Artwork showing a sci-fi spaceship flying left to right at high speeds. It is firing off lasers while being pursued by other sci-fi style spaceships. Behind the ships a large fireball explosion can be seen.

In 1995, a little 360-degree combat flight shooter came out called Terminal Velocity. That game was developed by Terminal Reality and published by 3D Realms, and wow was it ever a great time playing that on school computers back in the day.

Now, a whole new generation of students can play Terminal Velocity on school computers. This is all thanks to Ziggurat Interactive that are readying the release of Terminal Velocity: Boosted Edition. This PC release will be out on March 14, 2023. A console release is apparently coming later on but no release date was announced for that yet.

There are a handful of improvements from that original 1995 release. For instance, the gameplay now feels smoother, the graphics have been upscaled and otherwise unchanged, the framerates have been increased, the sounds sound better, and Achievements have also been added.

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In Terminal Velocity: Boosted Edition, players will strap themselves into a fully decked-out fighter ship and battle through nine enemy-plagued planets across the galaxy. Set in the far future, the Earth is under siege as adversarial armadas from the surrounding systems have begun to strike. As a top-flying ace from the Ares Squadron, players will take control of the fastest — and most dangerous — aircraft ever made. Outgunned and outmanned, only a true fighter can make it out alive!

Unique to most flight simulators, Terminal Velocity: Boosted Edition puts combat at the forefront. With low inertia flight mechanics that allow players to bank, roll, and loop easily across treacherous maps, and a straightforward control layout, they’ll be thrust bow-first right into the action. To support them in battle, they’ll have access to seven destructive weapons and multiple power-ups to conquer deadly enemy fighters in the air and on the ground. They’ll feel the ultimate power of flight as they take to the skies and soar through realistic environments and put their aerial skills to the test as they travel through dozens of tunnels and underground caverns. It’s all about action, speed, and destruction!

Features of Terminal Velocity: Boosted Edition include:
  • Updated for Modern Platforms: Experience the fast-paced action updated for modern platforms. Boosted Edition includes fast-texture mapped 3D flight with full 360-degree movement and 360-degree audio sounds, making for smoother gameplay, upscaled graphics and improved sound!
  • New Challenges: A first for the franchise, achievements and trophies have been added, which add a slew of new challenges to face and keep players coming back for more!
  • A Whole Galaxy to Explore: With over 40,000 square miles of terrain and dozens of tunnels, players will battle across nine totally unique planets, each containing three levels of heart-pounding dogfights and perilous obstacles to avoid.
  • Death From Above: As players soar their way across each world, they’ll obtain seven destructive weapons, and look for life-saving (and enemy-crushing) power-ups, to help them engage in vicious air-to-air and air-to-ground combat.