It's said that it's "going to be a big year for The Elder Scrolls Online."
Text saying "The Elder Scrolls Online." Under that it says "Developer_Direct 12PM PST | 3PM EST | 8PM GMT." It also says "ESO Global Reveal Event 12:45PM PST | 3:45PM EST | 8:45PM GMT." Under that it says "January 25, 2023"

On Wednesday, January 25 at 3PM (ET), ZeniMax Online Studios will host a special livestream event for The Elder Scrolls Online. It is during this event, which you can watch on Bethesda's Twitch channel, that we will see what fans of the MMORPG can look forward to throughout 2023.

At 3PM, the first of a couple of back to back livestreams will take place. This is a new Developer Direct that will include the reveal of the first major announcements of the year. This will give you an early look at the big content coming in 2023 for The Elder Scrolls Online. Immediately following that Developer Direct, ZeniMax Online Studios will host the 2023 ESO Global Reveal that will then provide even more information about the content coming throughout the year.

In short: First stream is a general overview from the devs, the second stream will take a deeper dive into those previous reveals.

Those that tune into tomorrow's reveal will be able to claim the Ritual Casting emote as a free Twitch Drop. You need only link your Twitch account with the account you use for The Elder Scrolls Online. Near as I can tell, the only place you can currently link the two is through your account page at

A lizard person with glowing purple hands standing in a purple mist. They stand in some sort of a crypt surrounded by candles, skulls, large vases, and chests.