Dead Space to Feature Multiple Endings


  • Dead Space to Feature Multiple Endings

    Don't worry, nobody knows what the other ending is just yet.
    A man standing in a hallway covered in organic material and bulbous masses. The man is holding a sci-fi style weapon and wearing a futuristic space suit covered in bits of metal from head to toe. His helmet has slots where a blue light is shining out from.

    Ahead of the January 27th launch of the Dead Space remake comes word that the game will feature more than one ending. This is wholly unlike the original game that gave you just one ending and that was that.

    The reveal that there would be more than one ending for this remake came from the list of the game's achievements, recently posted on True Trophies. One Trophy (or Achievement if on Xbox) in particular is called Reunion. The description for this Trophy says simply to "See the alternative ending on any difficulty mode."

    Beyond that, there isn't much to go on here. As the game isn't out yet to the public, there is nobody that has shared how to trigger this alternate ending.

    In the original game, Isaac does once again "reunite" with his dead girlfriend, Nicole. This being only really shown at the very end of the game in what was one of the best jump scares of the time. It isn't particularly clear if this little bit at the end if what the Trophy is referring to, but it doesn't seem likely as I wouldn't consider that to be an "alternate ending" by any stretch of the imagination.

    As noted, the Dead Space remake is out later this week. Be sure to catch up on some of our previous coverage, like the technical details that were recently posted, in the lead up to release.
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