You and a buddy will get to take on robot dinosaurs.
Screenshot from a game showing a red-haired woman warrior tossing a grappling hook at a tall poll to escape enemy warriors who are riding robotic dinosaurs

A rather badly hid secret has been the fact that Guerrilla Games is working on a new multiplayer game set within the Horizon universe. This notion started to circulate earlier this year when it was discovered that Guerilla was looking to hire someone that has experience with multiplayer game development. That job listing was posted as far back as 2020. Going back to 2014, it was discovered that concept art for Horizon Zero Dawn suggested that a co-op mode was planned at some point that would have you hunting massive robotic dinosaurs with others.

These rumors were all confirmed today when Guerrilla Games flat out announced that they are hiring for "a separate Online Project set in Horizon's universe." They are currently building an internal team at their studio in Amsterdam.

The listing says that this new project will feature a new cast of characters. It will also apparently go for a stylized look, which is a departure from the other titles in the franchise. The studio is seeking a narrative designer to help "tell a deep, complex story." A game writer is being sought to "pitch compelling ideas for quests, factions, and backstories." The lead combat designer role will help create a "variety of enemies (Machines & Humanoids) that focus on exciting combat with cooperative elements."

Guerrilla says that they are still going to create "epic solo adventures for Aloy," which seems to indicate that something like a Horizon 3 is coming at some point. For now, at least, the PlayStation VR2 Horizon game is still coming. In February Horizon Call of the Mountain will be released that places you in the virtual world of Horizon. Call of the Mountain was first revealed in January of this year alongside the technical specs of the PlayStation VR2 hardware.