This is all you're going to get for a long while.
Splinter Cell remake concept art

Ubisoft shared the first tiniest glimpse of the upcoming Splinter Cell remake today as part of a 20th anniversary celebration of the stealth-action franchise. When I say "tiniest glimpse" I really mean it here because all that we were shown are a few pieces of concept art for the game that is probably still a couple of years away from release.

The image was accompanied by a statement from creative director Chris Auty that says the remake is still "very early" in production. Auty continues on to say that there will be some improvements to "things that might not have aged particularly well. But the core of the story, the core of the experience will remain as it was in the original game."

Some of those aspects that may not have aged well from the original include the game's AI system, which will be given some nice improvements in the remake.

"Obviously a special forces soldier will be better trained,” said technical director, Christian Carriere. "They’re going to breach differently or enter rooms differently to something like a regular security guard would.

"We can really improve AI engagement, how they’re reacting, and what they’re reacting to," added senior game designer Andy Schmoll. "With all of that, we can make improvements to the cat-and-mouse gameplay between Sam and the enemies, especially with our enemies behaving like trained professionals.​"
The Splinter Cell remake will also include new visual flourishes such as ray-traced global illumination (RTGI) along with much better audio quality and simulation. Ubisoft says that these improved features will "create some really, really, really compelling and detailed settings."

Sadly, this may be the last we see of this remake for quite some time. Ubisoft says that they will be "going dark" in order to keep their full focus on actually making the game.

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