This will be Gearbox's first expansion in Asia.
Photograph of Shanghai

Gearbox Entertainment announces that Eidos Shanghai is now Gearbox Studio Shanghai. This marks the first expansion of Gearbox into Asia, which they call "an important market in the company's long-term growth strategy." The previous leader of Eidos Shanghai, Gigi Ning, will stay on as the general manager of Gearbox Studio Shanghai. They will report to Gearbox Publishing San Francisco.

There is literally no word here about just what Gearbox Studio Shanghai will be working on for Gearbox. Under the Eidos Shanghai name, the studio helped bring to life games like Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, the recent Deus Ex games, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and the most recent Thief game.

This change comes about without any other real acquisitions being made. Both Eidos and Gearbox are owned by Embracer.

“China is a hotbed of industry talent, and I’m confident Gearbox Studio Shanghai will be instrumental in our vision for international growth here at Gearbox,” said Yoon Im, president of Gearbox Publishing San Francisco. “With this addition, we greatly enhance our ability to engage with players in the Chinese market and work directly with local up-and-coming development studios.”

The team at Gearbox Studio Shanghai will join in Gearbox’s mission to entertain the world. Like all Gearbox team members, the employees in the new Shanghai studio will experience a dedication to creating an anti-crunch culture and competitive benefits.

“Bringing Gearbox’s vision and creative spirit to our local community is a goal we’re ready to take on,” said Gigi Ning, general manager of Gearbox Studio Shanghai. “Gearbox has so many fantastic stories to tell, and we’re excited to share those with the players here in China.”​