A new mode is in development, and you can test it ahead of next year's release.
Hitman 3: Freelancer

IO Interactive just passed along word that they will be releasing a new, single-player mode for Hitman 3 in early 2023. This mode was announced prior but a few additional details were shared today alongside word of an upcoming closed technical test.

They're calling this new mode Freelancer and it is expected to arrive on January 26, 2023. This content update will be free to all of you who own Hitman 3. The test for Freelancer will begin early next month for those who own Hitman 3 on Steam. This test will be focused on stress testing servers, getting an idea for player behavior, and making sure the economy and XP are balanced.

From what is said, Freelancer will allow players to customize safehouses, eliminate syndicate leaders, and unlock masteries. Those are just a few of the elements included in Freelancer, as IO Interactive is still keeping some aspects of the mode under wraps, even for the technical test.

Freelancer is set to be even larger than the team's original scope. At launch, the mode will encompass almost all locations from the World of Assassination trilogy. Future news updates on Freelancer will be revealed in the weeks ahead. The next planned news update will come on October 27, which will include more details on the Freelancer Closed Technical Test.

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