This places it at the same MSRP as the Nvidia RTX 3060.

This week, Intel revealed the release date and pricing for its upcoming Arc A770 desktop PC graphics card. The GPU will be out on October 12 for an MSRP of just $329 (USD). Intel has long said that they aim to be competitive when it comes to pricing on their Arc series of GPUs and, well, it seems like that is indeed going to be the case.

The price of the A770 place it up against cards like Nvidia's RTX 3060. However, Intel says that their card is equal or even better in DirectX 12 and Vulkan performance compared to the Nvidia offering. While the MSRP for the Nvidia RTX 3060 is on par with the A770, it needs to be said that you cannot find a 3060 at $329. The cheapest RTX 3060 that I can find is going for $369, with most being priced closer to $400 and even upwards of $600 for some models.

Sadly, only the first-party "Limited Edition" Arc A770 will hit that $329 price. There is no word on how expensive Intel's third-party board partners will price their cards.

Intel Arc A770 1080p gaming

Intel's Arc A750 seems like it will be about equal in performance to Nvidia's RTX 3060 and should be priced lower then the A770's $329. A price for the A750 was not yet revealed by Intel though.

Intel says that the A770's ray tracing performance will be up to 65% better than "the competition." "The competition" in this case was not specified, but many assume it to mean the RTX 3060.

In comparison to equivalent AMD cards, the value proposition may not be as enticing. AMD's RX 6600 launched for nearly the same price as the A770 will launch at but can often be found for a bit less these days. Performance on the RX 6600 does lag a bit behind the RTX 3060 though.