Battlefield veterans showcase their new game that is full of destruction.
The Finals

The Finals is an upcoming free-to-play game in development by Embark Studios. This is the same studio made up of some former Battlefield series veterans that are also working on another free-to-play shooter called Arc Raiders. While Arc Raiders is far more of a sci-fi co-op style title, The Finals is more over the top extraction-focused competitive multiplayer action.

The basic premise behind The Finals sees teams competing over a case that they need to obtain and capture before the other teams do. Every time a case is captured, or extracted, a new case appears on the map and the process repeats. Obviously, the team that extracted the most cases at the end of a round is declared the overall winner of the match.

Standing in between your team and victory is a lot of fast-paced action and other human players. The new trailer, seen below, shows off some unique gameplay mechanics including something that resembles the Gloo Gun from Prey, and tons of building destruction. Blast holes in walls for quick entry, take out rooftops where campers are sitting, or just bring down entire buildings because you can.

Embark Studios didn't just release a new trailer and call it a day though. They also pass along word about an upcoming Alpha Playtest. This test will give you a shot at trying out the game before it's ready for official release.

This playtest kicks off on Thursday, September 29 at 2PM (CEST) and runs through October 3 at 9AM (CEST). To register your interest in joining the test, just head on over to The Finals Steam page and request access. If selected, you should be notified once the test goes live on Thursday.

It should be noted here that this playtest is not a marketing push. No streaming or gameplay capture is allowed. They are testing out core gameplay features and "operational capabilities" with this test. While this playtest is limited in scope, Embark says that larger playtests will be coming in the future.