Valve is cranking these things out at blistering pace.
Steam Deck

Valve released another shipping update today for those who are eagerly awaiting their turn at obtaining a Steam Deck. According to this latest news, Valve has once again been able to increase production and has, once again, sped past their previous estimates on when devices will start to ship out.

Valve says that with today's latest batch of emails that are going out, they have now sent purchase invitations to everyone that was in the Q2 bucket. This window was supposed to run from July through to the end of September.

However, since those Q3 emails have finished early, they are now able to get a jump start on the next set of reservations. These would be for those that were sitting in the Q4 bucket, previously running from October through to the end of 2022. The Steam Deck store page has been updated to reflect this ramp up in production and updated shipping times.