The new model includes a new motherboard and cooling.
Austin Evans PS5 1200 SKU model

Last month, Australians were the first to receive the latest hardware revision on PlayStation 5 hardware. Sony quietly released a new SKU of their latest console without saying what exactly was new or changed in comparison to earlier models. YouTuber Austin Evans (via The Verge) managed to get his hands on one of these new models and found out that there are a lot of internal changes.

Evans found that Sony is using a new and smaller motherboard for this new PlayStation 5 model. Not only that, but Sony has made changes to the cooling and also changed the SSD enclosure area.

Due to these changes, the overall weight of the system has been reduced a bit. Evans notes that the new motherboard and heatsink now weigh 2.5 pounds, which is about a pound lighter than the original design. The motherboard change saw a reduction of roughly two inches when compared to previous models. The revamped cooling now includes an additional heat pipe near the rear of the device, but the heatsink has been reduced in size.

The change to the motherboard also means that several component locations have been shifted around. For example, the CMOS battery is now completely hidden under the new heatsink. This makes replacing the battery far more involved should that situation ever arise in which that needs to happen.

Evans shows that the SSD enclosure now has a bit of exposed metal. While there is no concrete reason why this change was made, Evans speculates that Sony made the change to perhaps help with heat dissipation and for potential cost savings.

All of these changes add up to some pretty decent power savings as well. According to measurements made by Evans, the newest PlayStation 5 model pulls in about 20-30 fewer watts when gaming. The noise level and heat output remain the same despite the changes to the internals.

A reduction of materials needed for the PlayStation 5 hardware more than likely translates into some cost savings for Sony. This probably isn't what most gamers want to hear right now given that Sony announced a near-global price hike for the PlayStation 5 just two weeks ago.

For those wondering, the new model is apparently listed as "12xx" somewhere on the box. For reference, in the video from Austin Evans, his model was listed as "CFI-1202B." As of right now it's still only available in Australia.

This is at least the second hardware revision Sony has made to the PlayStation 5 since launch. The model revision prior to this one also featured a slightly shrunk cooling solution and was a bit lighter when compared to the launch hardware. Thus, the launch model was "10xx," then came the "11xx" models, and now we're on the "12xx" models.

There should be no performance differences between any of these models of PlayStation 5. Sony has not upgraded any component that would have any sort of a tangible impact on how the software runs or how it looks. There are also no changes made to the external look of the PlayStation 5.