Mark Zuckerberg confirmed this via a Joe Rogan podcast.
Zuckerberg Metaverse

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that the company's next virtual reality headset will be released this October. This confirmation came during a recent appearance by Zuckerberg on Joe Rogan's podcast. There's something to be said about these two terrible people having a nice, little chat but we'll leave that to others.

It wasn't specified just what this new headset would be, but it's expected to be Project Cambria. This is the high-end VR headset that Meta was designing primarily for use at work. It will more than likely be out right around the same time as Meta's annual Connect event.

Zuckerberg says that "there's a few big features" for the device planned for October. He mentioned things like "eye and facial tracking" which will allow you to "have kind of eye contact in virtual reality" and have your avatar mimic your expression in VR.

We're not quite sure whether or not Project Cambria has the ability to track facial expressions, but eye tracking does seem to be in. There is also improved passthrough capabilities that could be used for augmented reality functionality in addition to VR.

A report shared by Bloomberg last month suggests that this new device will be officially called the Meta Quest Pro. As Project Cambria/Meta Quest Pro won't be geared towards gamers, the Meta Quest 2 will continue to be available, price increase and all.

The price for the Meta Quest Pro is expected to be "significantly" more expensive than the Quest 2. Some estimates place the price of the Quest Pro at anywhere from $800 to almost $1,500.