The long-rumored and long-awaited collab kicks off next week.
Fortnite x Dragon Ball

A Fortnite collaboration with Dragon Ball has been a long time coming for some fans. The collab was rumored for several weeks now if not several months, but it's now almost here. Epic Games confirmed that on August 16 a collaboration will kick off that will bring some manner of Dragon Ball into Fortnite.

Though the tweet is vague to those of us who zero idea about anything Dragon Ball related, it sure got a lot of people worked up in a hurry. Epic Games posted an image of a dragon and said simply, "Speak. Name your wish." According to articles like the one at IGN, the dragon is Shenron, "a magical being from the Dragon Ball series that grants the wish of anyone that collects all seven of the Dragon Balls."

Like many other collaborations, it's not yet clear what all will be included in this one. We can probably expect there to be player skins available for purchase that allow you to run around as some of your favorite Dragon Ball characters. There may also be other items such as load screens, custom pickaxes, back bling items, gliders, and special emotes as well. It will be interesting to see if this collab goes that "extra mile" as a few other collabs have done and introduce themed changes to the Fortnite map for the duration of the event.

I did read one rumor that says this collaboration will span a pretty lengthy seven weeks after it kicks off. I cannot confirm nor deny if that is accurate or not. Frankly, though I'm not a fan of the series, it will be pretty funny to see all of these super powerful, hand-to-hand fighters running around with guns.

If you would like to stock up on V-Bucks ahead of this collab, feel free to use creator code "zips" when making your purchase. This helps to keep things running smoothly at the site should something drastic happen like if we run out of our hosting budget mid-way through a month.