These two, plus Jenny Wakemen, are joining the roster.
Jenny Wakeman key art

A trio of classic Nickelodeon characters are coming to Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl by way of some paid DLC. Available now on all platforms, players can pick up the Universe Pack to unlock Jennifer "Jenny" Wakeman from My Life as a Teenage Robot, with two additional fighters coming later this year.

Those two characters are none other than Hugh Neutron from The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, and Rocko from Rocko's Modern Life. I am assuming the "Rocko" in question here is from Rocko's Modern Life as the press release does not specify. I don't know of any other Rocko from Nickelodeon, but you never know. It is indeed Rocko's Modern Life Rocko since I just saw the character images they provided.

Players can purchase Jenny Wakeman right now on her own in the Jenny Wakeman Brawler Pack for $4.99. She's also a part of that previously mentioned Universe Pack for $11.99 that also provides access to all the other fighters as they're released.

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DLC Features:
  • XJ-9, aka Jenny Wakeman: Take down all challengers with Jenny, Earth’s robotic guardian, armed with high-powered weapons and gadgets. Jenny’s moveset rewards fighting from afar: shoot lasers, steer rockets, and use your grappling hand from across the stage to send foes flying!
  • All New Stage: Battle on the new Tremorton Joyride stage, filled with iconic characters and key locations from My Life as a Teenage Robot.
  • Alternate Jenny Costume: Deck XJ-9 out for combat with this alternate look.