This isn't going over well with fans.
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Cloud Imperium Games has been working on developing Star Citizen for well over a decade now. It still is not finished. It's more of a game than it once was, but it's nowhere near finished. According to their own funding tracker, the team has already amassed over $457 million (USD) in funding. Again, the game is still not finished yet.

The latest developer update from Cloud Imperium Games maybe shines a little light as to why the game isn't even close to being finished yet. It seems that some members of the team are busy working on bedsheet deformation. This critical feature will make it so that NPCs will accurately deform their bedsheets when entering or leaving their beds.

The bedsheet deformation is being worked on mainly for the game's still not released Squadron 42 single player component. Apparently in Squadron 42, NPCs can now sleep and relax in their beds at various times.

"We knew early on that, to hit the fidelity we expect for Sq42, we would need to do some R&D on bedsheet deformation. This work is currently underway and, if successful, will allow the AI to deform their sheets when entering, exiting, or sleeping inside them. This is a challenging assignment and expands the complexity of the feature. For example, what happens to the sheets if the AI needs to exit the bed in an emergency?"

The initial implementation of bed relaxation includes reading, writing, and watching content on the mobiGlas, which can happen in bed or on the side of it. NPCs can also watch TV if their bunk includes one.
And just how are fans taking to this latest installment of feature creep for Star Citizen and Squadron 42? Not well.

R&D on physicalized bedsheets and now bedsheet deformation....that must mean all the important stuff is done because we know CIG doesn't waste massive amounts of time on extremely unimportant features unless they've gotten all their core features completed, bugs resolved and technical debt cleaned up.

/s - thisispoopoopeepee on Reddit

Really hoping the justification for resources being devoted to bedsheet deformity is that it is part of the clothes physics they will need elsewhere in game, otherwise they have gone down the realism rabbit hole imo - CCKMA on Reddit

And, people actually have the audacity to claim that scope creep has ended. First R&D on physicalized bedsheets and now bedsheet deformation. This is why we could not answer the call in 2016. - WolfHeathen on Reddit

what the actual fuck lmao this game was supposed to be out years ago and they're implementing fucking BEDSHEET DEFORMATION??

I'm done lol - torvi97 on Reddit
Perhaps more telling of the state of development for Star Citizen and Squadron 42 is the fact that the team is only now getting around to capturing placeholder dialogue lines.

Narrative began the month revising scripts based on playthroughs with Design and reviews with the directors. These updates incorporate the latest decisions based on level flow that explain new/important game mechanics or provide additional content to fill in gaps. Placeholder lines will be captured soon to allow the teams to experience them in situ during playthroughs rather than just reading them in a script.
Star Citizen and Squadron 42 have been delayed several times since its initial crowdfunding campaign in 2012. After several years of delays, the team just stopped providing any sort of release window for the game. At this rate, it will be a small miracle if it arrives before the heat death of the universe.