The cards will begin releasing this summer.
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Intel has finally shown off what its discreet line of Arc A-series desktop graphics cards should look like. The company revealed the design alongside word that the first mobile devices with Arc GPUs were starting to be released today.

Intel confirmed that there would be a limited-edition Intel Arc GPU coming this summer. Though not stated, it is expected that these "limited-edition" cards will be akin to the "Founders Edition" cards from Nvidia.

The render video for the card is a little curious. Nowhere does it seem to show off a power connector on the card (unless that small gap on the bottom of the card is it?). A PCIe slot only offers power delivery of 75W, so a power connector is expected on something that is expected to compete with newer offerings from Nvidia and AMD. The release is still some months away, so maybe that render isn't the final design.

Exact specifications for these initial Arc GPUs have not yet been released by Intel. From what everyone has gathered so far, Intel seems to be aiming for performance that rivals the mid- to high-end performance spectrum. That means you should maybe expect these first cards to be as good as say, an RTX 3060/3070 or thereabouts.

Of course, pricing for these first cards weren't announced yet either.