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TSMC is about to raise their prices for the chips they manufacturer and send to all sorts of tech companies. This means that CPU and GPU prices are going up.

DigiTimes reports that the Taiwanese-based semiconductor manufacturer has already informed its largest customers that it plans to raise pricing by up to 20%. Some of these "largest customers" include tech and hardware giants like Apple, Nvidia, AMD, ARM, Broadcom, and several others. This increase in price will probably hit AMD the hardest as they depend on TSMC for both its CPUs and GPUs.

Naturally, these price increases from TSMC will be passed along by these tech giants to you, the consumer.

TSMC cites a few reasons for this planned price hike. First off, there's still that whole chip shortage that is still going on. That alone is expected to continue well into 2023. TSMC also says that rising material costs, freight, and logistics are also playing a role in their price increases.

The starting MSRP for Nvidia and AMD graphics cards is expected to increase. However, Nvidia has reportedly already made pre-payments to TSMC for long-term orders of 5mm silicon, which could keep Nvidia's MSRP prices relatively stable in the short term. Nvidia may still choose to increase their GPU prices regardless.

It's not like anybody can find GPUs for sale right now anyway, especially not for MSRP.