Because everyone needed more reasons to dislike either company.
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The gaming world will soon have two additional outlets for NFT scams thanks to both Konami and GameStop. Both companies announced that they are getting into the NFT crypto world with a couple of different approaches.

First up, Konami is set to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Castlevania franchise. There's almost something poetic about celebrating a game series about blood-sucking demons by selling jpgs and gifs to the highest bidder. The pachinko company will be selling a series of NFTs that feature game scenes, background music, and artwork from the older side-scrolling titles.

Konami is calling this their "Konami Memorial NFT." I'd make a joke here, but they pretty much did it for me. You can find out all about this on the Konami website.

Speaking of dead things, GameStop is also getting into the NFT market. A report by The Wall Street Journal says that GameStop has a 20-person crew working on an online marketplace where limited-supply NFTs can be sold and traded.

The company may also be readying to invest "tens of millions of dollars" into the development of games that use blockchain and NFT technologies. GameStop is close to finalizing the deal with at least two such development companies and expects to enter into similar agreements with "a dozen or more crypto companies" throughout the year.

Following this news, the stock price of GameStop jumped up over 30% in about an hour. You can check out GameStop's barebones NFT website for yourself, but there really isn't much of anything there yet.