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  • Konami and GameStop Hop on the NFT Scam

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    Konami and GameStop Hop on the NFT Scam

    Because everyone needed more reasons to dislike either company.

    The gaming world will soon have two additional outlets for NFT scams thanks to both Konami and GameStop. Both companies announced that they are getting into the NFT crypto world with a couple of different approaches.

    First up, Konami is set to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Castlevania franchise. There's almost something poetic about celebrating a game series about blood-sucking demons by selling jpgs...
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  • Reports of "Weak" Battlefield 5 Pre-Orders Attributed to Lack of Informative Sources from Analyst

    Just a week ago, a number of news stories popped up about weak pre-order sales figures for Battlefield V. We were also among the many outlets that put up at least one story about this. Many of us even went so far as to say that EA's decision to sandwich Battlefield V's release between the year's two most anticipated titles were not doing the game any favors. And while it's still probably true that the earlier lack of marketing and the release date aren't really doing Battlefield 5 any favor...
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  • The Ghost of Titanfall 2 Haunts Battlefield 5 as Analyst States "Weak" Pre-order Figures

    Less than a day after EA executive Patrick Soderlund announced his departure from the company, comes word that pre-order sales for Battlefield V are not doing all that well. Analysts at Cowen say that "pre-order sales of Battlefield V have been weak." These thoughts from Cowen come courtesy of Sarah Needleman, a reporter for The Wall Street Journal. Cowen feels as though the release date and a lack of marketing are really hurting Battlefield V. They say that "Battlefield could suff...
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