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While speaking with the Polish newspaper, Rzeczpospolita (via VGC), CD Projekt Red's Adam Kiciński says that Cyberpunk 2077 will eventually be seen as a success.

During the interview with the outlet, Kiciński says that the studio believes "that in the long run Cyberpunk 2077 will be perceived as a very good game." He goes on to compare Cyberpunk to other CD Projekt Red titles and say that like them, Cyberpunk "will sell for years - especially as the hardware gets more powerful over time and we improve the game."

Cyberpunk 2077 was released in December 2020 to less than favorable reviews from fans. It was riddled with glitches, bugs, and terrible performance across all platforms. Due to the numerous issues plaguing the game, both Sony and Microsoft allowed fans to request refunds with Sony going the extra mile of pulling the game from the PlayStation Store until June 2021.

It was expected that free DLC and other updates were going to hit before the end of 2021, but CD Projekt Red revised their Cyberpunk updates roadmap were updated in late October. DLC, additional updates, and the next-gen upgrades have been pushed into 2022. The game's 1.31 update dropped in mid-September and included several gameplay, quest, and open-world fixes. There were also a few visual and UI improvements included. This was the latest update released for the game.

Kiciński's full remarks can be found below.

"Cyberpunk 2077 is the biggest, most ambitious and definitely the most complicated project in our 27-year history. In almost every aspect, we tried to take it a step further, just as we’ve done with every Witcher game we’ve released.

"Releasing a game in a new franchise brings many challenges and risks, especially when the concept is so complex. We brought to life a huge, vibrant futuristic city called Night City, where the characters’ non-linear stories take place.

"We’re proud of many aspects of the game, but as we know, not everything went our way. Nevertheless, the brand awareness of Cyberpunk that we’ve managed to build is huge, and the game universe, its characters and details have fans all over the world.

"We believe that in the long run Cyberpunk 2077 will be perceived as a very good game, and like our other titles, it will sell for years – especially as the hardware gets more powerful over time and we improve the game.

"We’re working on updates all the time, and we’re also working on a version for the latest generation of consoles. Of course, the original release taught us a lot. It gave us a kick and motivated us to make changes that will make us better in the future.

"The decision to postpone the next-gen version of Cyberpunk was a difficult one, but we are confident that it was the right one, especially since it was clearly recommended by our development team.

"We need the extra time to fine-tune the visuals and performance of the game to be as high quality as possible throughout the game."