Fans of The Hidden: Source have reason to rejoice.
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Once upon a time, there existed a Half-Life 2 mod called The Hidden: Source. It actually began life as a mod for the original Half-Life before a new team brought it to Source. Technically, the mod still exists now but it hasn't been updated in years. For a time, it was hugely popular and still manages to have a handful of dedicated players these days.

In The Hidden: Source, one person played as "The Hidden," a genetically altered being that has superhuman speed, mobility, and strength. It also had the unique ability to turn invisible. Hunting down The Hidden was a group known as I.R.I.S., a special operations team that utilized high-powered weaponry and gadgets to track down and kill The Hidden. Rounds ended when either The Hidden was killed or team I.R.I.S. was wiped out. If someone on the special ops team took out The Hidden, they became The Hidden for the next round of play. It was a ton of fun to play, especially with a close group of friends.

Here in 2021, The Hidden is making a return. The popular realistic multiplayer VR shooter, Pavlov VR, will soon add The Hidden as a new game mode to their game. A release date was not revealed, however a now deleted Reddit comment by one of the devs suggested that the mode may be added as soon as Monday.

Here is an early look at The Hidden gameplay that was posted earlier this month by YouTube user MessiahPenguin. From the looks of things, The Hidden actually began as a fan created mod that the Pavlov devs may have brought onboard to become an official mode.