One will be free while the other must be paid for.
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Two new content updates are coming out soon for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The first is the free 2.0 update that will include Brewster and his coffee shop named The Roost, which is attached to the in-game museum. The other update is a piece of paid DLC called Happy Home Paradise that will allow you to design the home of your dreams and a new archipelago location.

Both of these DLC releases will be released on November 5. The Happy Home Paradise DLC will cost you $24.99 (USD). Alternatively, you can get this DLC at no extra cost if you decide to subscribe to the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, which we just found out will run you $49.99 per year.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Version 2.0 Update
The free 2.0 update includes the aforementioned Brewster and their coffee shop. Villagers will visit the shop and you can even invite specific villagers via amiibo figures. This update also includes the return of Kapp'n, Katrina, Tortimer, Harriet, Wardell, and others. Kapp'n will take you to a new island chain. These islands include a different season, time of day, or weather compared to your own island. There will also be "mysterious flora" on these islands.

Harv's Island will get a new plaza that includes a bunch of shops that will have to be built with Bells. You will also get to engage in Group Stretching at the plaza. You can stretch with friends or villagers through the use of button presses or motion controls. Island Ordinances are also being added. They will let you make some changes to your island like keeping shops open later or increasing how many Bells you receive when selling stuff. The full list of ordinances include: Beautiful Island Ordinance, Early Bird Ordinance, Night Owl Ordinance, and Bell Boom Ordinance.

Home storage has been increased to 5,000 instead of the current 2,400. A "Pro Decorating License" will allow you to change the lighting and ceiling decorations in your house interiors. There will also be new fence options, more bridges, more storage shed allowances, and more.

Cooks will now be able to combine stuff together to make things like Pizza. This can be put on display or served. Separate ingredients like wheat, potatoes, and tomatoes can be grown in order to be used in recipes.

Gyroids are also coming. Gyroid fragments can be found and planted. Overnight they will turn into Gyroids. There are a bunch of different ones and each contain a unique look, sound, and animation.

The Pro Camera App will now let players take photos from eye level. There will also be 11 new reactions, 12 new K.K. Slider songs, new permanent ladder kits, the ability to move around in tight areas of your home, the return of Froggy Chair, and more.

Animal Crossing's 2.0 update will be the last major free update released for the game.

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Happy Home Paradise
Happy Home Paradise, the paid DLC will introduce a new archipelago that contains Paradise Planning. This DLC will task you with fulfilling various requests from villagers on the island. Once you accept a request, you will have to pick an island that meets their needs, pick the weather, time of day, and seasons.

Completing more requests will unlock more items and abilities that will let you improve your designs. Some of these unlocks include different colored lighting, the ability to modify the width and lengths of homes, add partition walls, pillars, furniture, and more. You can even polish furniture which will add various effects to the furniture like flying butterflies. You will even be able to go back to previously designed houses and redesign them with your new abilities.

You can also design your own hospital, restaurant, school, and other non-housing buildings on the Paradise Planning island.

You will be rewarded with a new currency for your jobs with a new currency named Poki. This can be traded in for rare items that you can then bring to your island with you. Not only that, but every new ability you unlocked, save for changing the length and width of houses, can be used on your own house. You can even remodel neighbor houses.

amiibo can be used to invite specific clients to Paradise Planning. In addition to the existing amiibo cards for the game, Animal Crossing Series 5 cards will be out on November 5. There will be six cards included in each pack and each pack will go for $5.99 each. There will be a total of 48 characters included in this new Series.

Much like the free 2.0 update, this paid DLC will be the first and last paid expansion released for the game. Animal Crossing: New Horizons has sold over 33 million units since its release in 2020.

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