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A new update for Deathloop on the PC just rolled out to everyone today. This update attempts to mitigate the widespread "stutter" issue that numerous people have complained about.

The patch notes specifically mention that this update addresses an issue concerning stutter as it relates to mouse-based camera movements. Arkane continues on to say that they are still looking into a separate issue that may also be the cause of stuttering as it relates to those playing at high framerates.

The stutter issue has been present in Deathloop since the game's release a week ago on September 14th. Multiple people have said that it's the game's implementation of Denuvo that is to blame while others have noted that it may be an entirely different issue.

A lot of these performance issues were outlined in a new video from Digital Foundry, which you can see embedded below. For those still experiencing stutter at higher framerates, the common suggestion is to disable v-sync, but make use of the adaptive resolution option by setting it to manual and capping the game at 60FPS (or 30 if you need, or 120 if you have the GPU headroom for it).