It's not difficult: Skateboard + Bird = SkateBIRD.
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The Glass Bottom Games team just released SkateBIRD to the world for those on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Game Pass, Amazon Luna, and PC via Steam and For those of you who don't really know what this game is, it's pretty simple: You're a skateboarding bird. That's pretty much it.

You skate around mini-skateparks made out of everyday objects. You pull off tricks, link tricks together, pull of combos, and complete missions. It's probably not completely unfair to say that if you have played a Tony Hawk game, you know what the deal is with this game.

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Pull off fluttering flips and stylish slides while earning high scores across five levels chock full of trickable obstacles. Ruffle some feathers with graceful grabs and build up a reputation by completing mission objectives in each stage. Amass a following of avian accomplices and wow them with impeckable tricks while unlocking cosmetic options to customize over 40 avatars.

Skateboarding is all about self-expression, and style is important no matter how small the skater. From cowboy hats, to colorful scarves and backpacks, SkateBIRD’s accessories let each skater’s personality shine. Look fresh while tracking down hidden mixtapes to unlock new songs or have a solo session with low-fi bird-hop beats in the background.

Progress through SkateBIRD’s story to help Big Friend feel better. They’ve been down in the dumps lately, but seeing a sparrow spin a 540 might just help cheer them up. Move from Big Friend’s bedroom, to their office, server room, and more on a skateboarding journey about giving it your all and getting back up after every fall.