When simply banning them isn't enough.
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Twitch is taking the fight against users involved in the recent hate raids to court. The company is suing two users for their part in the hate raids that have targeted marginalized streamers. WIRED reports that Twitch filed the lawsuits on Thursday, September 9 in the US District Court for the Northern District of California.

The lawsuit has been filed against Twitch users Cruzzcontrol and CreatineOverdose. Twitch believes that these two individuals are from the Netherlands and Vienna, Austria respectively.

Twitch is suing these particular users for breaking the Terms of Service by creating what is essentially an army of several thousand bot accounts and using them to harass streamers. Cruzzcontrol alone has apparently created about 3,000 bots so far.

"We hope this Complaint will shed light on the identity of the individuals behind these attacks and the tools that they exploit, dissuade them from taking similar behaviors to other services, and help put an end to these vile attacks against members of our community."
The two people involved have obviously been banned from Twitch, however the company says that the two have gotten around the ban by simply creating new accounts. Keep in mind that user accounts on Twitch are totally free to everyone. Twitch says that the two have "continually (altered) their self-described 'hate raid code' to avoid detection any suspension by Twitch." The two are also accused of being part of a "hate raiding community" that coordinate their attacks off site on services such as Discord and Steam.