We know that Spidey is coming this year, but not the exact date.

Crystal Dynamics released a fresh roadmap today for the content and updates coming in 2021 for Marvel's Avengers. This includes the first details for the game's first raid, information about a level cap increase, and the fact that Spider-Man will be added to the PlayStation versions later this year. This was all shared today as part of the team's latest State of the Game blog posting.

This latest State of the Game takes a good look at the ups and downs that the team has faced since the game launched late last year. Despite this, the team is still working hard on delivering new content to fans, including some stuff that may bring back players to the game.

We know that Spider-Man is set to release at some point this year, exclusively on PlayStation platforms. He will be a playable character with his own Hero Event. Beyond this tiny bit of news, we don't know exactly when we'll see him added to the game. Crystal Dynamics also confirmed that the game won't be shown at all during Sony's upcoming PlayStation event.

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The roadmap, pictured above, also shows that the first raid content is coming this year. The raid is called "Discordant Sound" and it will come in a Standard mode for power levels 150-160, and an Elite mode for power levels 165-175. Players will face off against Klaw and will serve as a conclusion to the story from the War for Wakanda expansion.

Because it's a raid, don't expect this content to be easy. Crystal Dynamics claims that this will be the "most challenging content yet."

As noted prior, there will be a level cap increase coming to the game. This increase will not force players to abandon the gear they've already worked hard to get. Alongside this level cap increase will be a new system that allows players to upgrade their high-end gear from power level 100 to the new power level cap.

The team also talks about how they're streamlining some of the in-game resources to be a bit less confusing to players.