Sus. Get it? Sus! HA HA HE SAID THE THING!
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There is a new Among Us style game mode that is now available within Fortnite. The new game mode is called Fortnite Imposters and it will see up to ten players trying to find out who the diabolical imposters are amongst them.

At the start of each round, players are split up into two teams. There will be eight Agents and two Imposters. All of the action goes down on a new map called The Bridge. This place is used by the Imagined Order to control Fortnite island. Yeah, Fortnite lore is weird.

Those eight Agents must work together to keep things running on The Bridge by carrying out various assignments. At the same time, the Imposters are trying to kill the Agents before they complete all of their tasks. The Agents will obviously try to figure out who the Imposters are in between carrying out their tasks. The Imposters will try to deflect blame away from them and on to others so that they aren't voted off the map. Yep, it's Among Us.

Imposters will be able to temporarily disable and freeze progress on various assignments. They will also be able to teleport and relocate Agents to other places on The Bridge. The Imposters also have the ability to initiate a Peely Party that temporarily turns everyone into Peely (a giant banana), so that the evil-doers can more easily blend in with the crowd.

You can form Private parties to play just with friends or queue up in a lobby to play with randoms online. You can play with as few as four players but that probably isn't as fun as a full group. Group discussions will be called so that players can discuss who to evict. However, Epic has disabled public voice chat in the mode in order to keep things fair. Party chat will still be enabled and you can still use emotes and the Quick Chat menu.

The actual developers of Among Us, Innersloth, say that Epic Games did not contact them about a collaboration on this game mode.

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