It's almost like DDoS'ing is a bad thing done by bad people.
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Respawn says that due to an influx of cheaters and DDoS attacks occurring in and at Apex Legends, the team has had to change up some development plans for the battle royale title.

Game director Chad Grenier says that work on cross-progression has been slowed down as a result of the team having to deal with hackers of all kinds. Grenier made this little fact known in a response to a tweet that asked him for an update on cross-progression.

Grenier says that it's "in development, although recent hacks on Apex and TF have slowed down the progress of it as we context switch to solving live game issues."

Back in February, Grenier said that it's pretty challenging to add cross-progression in to a game that has been out for two years already. So with those existing challenges and the added challenge of dealing with hackers, I can pretty easily see how progress on cross-progression has slowed to a crawl.

As you probably know already, Apex Legends was hit with a rather unusual hack just this past week that locked players out of accessing playlists. Of course, there are the ever ongoing DDoS attacks against the multiplayer servers for both Titanfall and Titanfall 2, though it seems as though Respawn only has a couple of employees still actively working on those titles.