You all wanna do some CRIMES?
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Rockstar continues to expand and grow the world of Red Dead Online. The next major update, Red Dead Online: Blood Money, will be released on July 13. With it will come daring new multi-stage robberies and dangerous Crimes.

Blood Money will focus on the location of Saint Denis, where players will join forces with Angelo Bronte's underboss, Guido Martelli. Martelli is looking for some gunslingers to help him recover "a valuable commodity known as Capitale." Capitale was a "unique system of exchange for more sensitive business dealings" that has ended up in the hands of several "lowlifes across the five states." Find it, return it, and you will be rewarded handsomely.

How will you find Capitale? You'll find it by committing Crimes. Yes, with a capital C.

Crimes will range from cloak-and-dagger coach holdups to multi-stage robberies — including kidnapping, brutal debt collections, and more.

Embark on Crimes either as a lone gun or with a full Posse of cutthroats alongside you. During each outing, keep a keen wit and search high and low for signs of Capitale to return to Guido Martelli — including from hidden chests or on the remains of those who’ve crossed your path. As you traverse the plains in Free Roam, you may hear of unlocked Homesteads and vulnerable Camps, ripe for the picking and begging to be relieved of a Capitale stash.
Do enough Crimes and collect enough Capitale to reveal Opportunities. These Opportunities will be dished out by Martelli "in a scheme to stifle a rising Lemoyne senator who is disrupting Bronte operations throughout the region." Each Opportunity will show that there are various ways to complete the task at hand. These include listening to nearby conversations or looking for important targets to unlock new paths to completion.

The first of three Opportunities will be available on July 13, with two more being unveiled later.

The Blood Money will also introduce the Quick Draw Club, which is "a series of four distinct rapid-fire (season) passes. Each pass costs 25 Gold Bars, which you'll earn back by completing the Pass' 25 Ranks. Those that purchase all four passes will get the upcoming Halloween Pass 2 for free.

There will also be new clothing, returning Pass items, and other items added to the game.

In response to your feedback, the Skill and Satchel Pamphlets previously released via the Outlaw Pass — such as unlocking the ability to Fast Travel from a Wilderness Camp — will be placed on general sale at the Fence.

Plus, over the coming weeks and months, some of the most stylish and oft-requested clothing items from Outlaw Passes No. 2 and No. 3 return for players who were unable to obtain them — including Outfits worn by the legendary members of the Van der Linde Gang like Marston’s outfit, The Clelland, Arthur’s Haraway outfit, the Dedham outfit worn by Bill Williamson, and Javier’s The Zapatero outfit.
A major part of this update will be the addition of Nvidia DLSS support to those on PC using supported RTX GPUs.

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