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The biggest update to date for House Party is out today for the Steam Early Access title. This update includes a new storyline for Frank along with five new Original Story Opportunities, new gameplay elements, new branching endings, and more. There are even fullscreen cinematic cutscenes that have been added.

Perhaps the biggest addition in this update is the fact that you can now romance Frank.

The "Frank 0.19.4" update is set to go live later today, May 26th. This update also adds in "A Big Ball of Mystery" for both new and existing House Party fans. There is also a unique finale cutscene added involving Frank, Katherine, Rachel, and Vickie.

Developer Eek! Games have plans through the rest of 2021 for House Party, including bug fixes and new content DLC, female POV storylines, and more. House Party hopes to exit Early Access by March 2022.

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“Frank's storyline comes with a massive chunk of gameplay, a major branching ending depending on your decisions at the party, and five all-new Original Story Opportunities. As an added bonus, we've improved our Opportunities UI, so now you'll not only know which Opportunities you've discovered, finished, or failed, but also which ones you might've missed along the way. Take note of those doods, and try to finish them in a new playthrough! And, yes, you can romance Frank now.

As part of the Frank storyline, you can now watch Derek shake his big booty on the dance floor by challenging him to an all-new dance-off! The man's got some serious moves, and even Stephanie's coworkers can't twerk as well as him. He’s tough competition and if you can’t hack it, you may have to come to a creative solution to get him to help you progress through Frank's story. Good thing there are some items around the party that can turn the tide in your favor… Enjoy the fiery hilariousness that ensues, and get ready to play dress-up with your favorite buddy.

We also added a brand new cutscene-style intimacy system. Our artists worked super effing hard to make these scenes for you dudes, and we plan to add even more of these for all characters during intimacy events. Frank, Katherine, Rachael, and Vickie have all had unique “finale” cutscenes added in this update.

There are now two new ultra-secret items hidden around Madison's place that can assist you in the valiant quest of winning affection from your favorite buff bald dude, too. We know you doods are professional scavenger hunters at this point, so happy hunting! And for those that DO max out your Friendship with Frank...well, let’s just say he’ll be extra grateful to anyone who goes above and beyond!” - Eek! Games Team