Seriously, where is his mustache?!
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A new image for the upcoming Uncharted movie surfaced today courtesy of the New York Times. The image shows off both Tom Holland as Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg as Victor "Goddamn" "Sully" Sullivan. The image shows the two, I don't know... infiltrating a castle? Perhaps an old cathedral? Maybe searching a museum? It's hard to tell. It's a place with a lot of candles.

Whatever they're doing, there's one thing that really stands out: The lack of mustache on Sully's face.

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Seriously, where is it? WHERE IS THE MUSTACHE? Sully came out the womb rocking a glorious stache and we're treated to this baby-faced Mark Wahlberg?

Yeah, the movie is a "prequel" but like, even then, we've only ever known Sully to have his mustache. Every "flashback" sequence in the Uncharted games had those fancy follicles prominently on display.

Now, there is some good news here. A little while back, Mark Wahlberg posted a short video to his Instagram that shows off the mustache we all know and love.

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I swear, there better not be a scene in the film where they need to disguise themselves and Sully puts on a fake mustache (seen in the Instagram post above) which prompts Nathan to say, "that doesn't suit you old man" before ripping it off.

It could be very possible that the image released today is from a part of the movie where both characters were younger, before they adopted their trademark looks from the games. Sully will hopefully grow his mustache out and Nathan will eventually sport the off-white shirt that's half tucked in and the sleeves rolled up to his elbows.