You can choose how much you want to hate your life.
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In speaking with PCGamer, BioWare project director Mac Walters and environment director Kevin Meek says that fans can toggle on or off the Mako handling improvements that were made for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. The improvements made for the Mako in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, coming May 14th, include weightier physics, less sliding, will include a boost, will have better shields, and will not get destroyed the split-second it touches lava. There will also be improved camera controls along with the elimination of the XP penalty for killing enemies while in the Mako.

However, if you don't want all of those improvements, you will be free to toggle them off for that "pure" experience just like you had when you first played Mass Effect. It's really all about how much you hate yourself and want to suffer. You want to have the squirrely, floaty Mako? Then you do you!

"For those people out there who do like pain, we've left the option to leave it back kind of closer to the original controls as well if you want," said Meek.

"You'll never get consensus," said Walters, "whether some people love it, or some people hate it. We're making a big point of it often in marketing, but it's a lighter touch than I think some people might think. And the optional control scheme is optional, so you can drop back and forth."

"Playing the Mako today versus playing the Mako back in the original, especially on PC, it's like night and day," said Meek. "I don't want to thrash my keyboard and mouse after every encounter with the thresher maw or trying to climb a mountain."