There may or may not have been a data breach, we aren't sure yet.

This evening, a smattering of reports came in from some Epic Games users that their accounts were one of over 106 million that were compromised as part of an data breach. The reports came in from a few different threads on Reddit, and a few more reports on Twitter.

In short, the reports says that information such as emails, passwords, and usernames for over 106 million accounts may be out in the wild now. These allegedly came from an data breach that occurred in April 2021.

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According to the user reports, a bulk of these notifications seem to originate from LifeLock, which is now owned by Norton. For those that do not know, LifeLock is an identity theft protection company. They reportedly started sending out notices to users about this alleged data breach over the past day. Other users chimed in saying that they were alerted to this data breach through their credit card company.

At present, security minded services like have no information on any alleged data breach.

This may end up being a whole lot of nothing. I am still trying to determine just how valid these claims are at present. While there is a real possibility of this being a false positive, I still felt compelled to pass along this information for those of you worried about security. If you are and you have an account at (this includes a login for the Epic Games Store), you may want to change your password. You should also make sure to enable 2FA on your account as well if you have not done so already.