The fan favorite mode is back.
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A new game mode was announced today during the Resident Evil Showcase for Resident Evil Village. Though I say it's "new" it is actually a mode that has been included in a number of past Resident Evil titles and a mode that a lot of fans hold near and dear to their hearts. I am of course talking about The Mercenaries mode.

This much beloved mode returns to the series with "rich content and rewards" that will keep fans engaged with Village long after the story is complete. Players are tasked with completing ever more difficult challenging objectives before the clock runs out. The Duke, the main game's merchant, will also make an appearance in this mode. He will offer weapons and other upgrades to the player to help them tackle those challenges.

During each round, players will also be able to acquire new enhancements that boost their weapons or physical abilities.

Don't forget to check out the new trailer for Village along with information on when you will get to play the new demo.

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