Because Capcom can't do anything like a normal company.

There is a new demo coming soon for Resident Evil Village. For some people, the demo will arrive earlier depending on if you own a PlayStation console or not. Not only will the PS4 and PS5 get the demo before you, but there are also some considerations to be made for the timeframe in which you can even play the demo.

It's a real convoluted mess that doesn't have to be convoluted at all, yet here we are. Take a look at the image below for when you will get to play the demo and on which platforms it will be available.

One thing that the image doesn't mention is the fact that while there is a window of time in which you can play the demo, there are also time limits on the demos themselves. The PlayStation exclusive demos will be limited to 30 minutes each. The multiplatform demo will be limited to 60 minutes in total. For example, in the 8 hour window in which the "Castle Demo" will be available on the PlayStation 4 and 5, you will get to play it for just 30 minutes.

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