The former employee found guilty of "gross insider crimes."
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In December 2018, Swedish authorities raided the offices of Starbreeze in Stockholm. At the time, higher-ups at the studio were suspected of insider trading. The Swedish Economic Crime Authority (ECO) gave the go-ahead for the raid in order to gather additional evidence in their investigation.

Since then, we really hadn't heard too much about the investigation. We do know that Starbreeze has certainly hit some troubled times. First they lost the publishing rights to System Shock 3 (though that game seems to be dead as of earlier this week) and they also killed off Overkill's The Walking Dead. To be fair to The Walking Dead, it was a terrible game.

Fast-forward some months to present day where Starbreeze's former chief financial officer, Sebastian Ahlskog, was convicted of insider trading. He was found to be guilty of "gross insider crimes" after he used knowledge of Starbreeze's financial troubles to make a sizeable personal profit. His insider trading deals happened in November 2018, about one month before it was revealed that Starbreeze filed for reconstruction. Ahlskog had stepped down from his role as CFO in October 2018.

Former Starbreeze CEO Bo Andersson Klint was also being investigated. However, he has been cleared of all charges. Klint had stepped down as CEO in December 2018.

The investigation from the Swedish ECO found that Ahlskog had used his knowledge of Starbreeze's financial troubles to both mitigate his own financial loss. He did so by selling off his shares in the company, earning SEK 700,000 ($72,494 USD) in the process.

According to a statement made to from ECO press officer Niklas Ahlgren, Ahlskog has been fined SEK 40,000 or $4,142 (USD). A separate report from an online Swedish news source, Sweclockers, says that the SEK 700,000 made through the insider trading is also forfeited. Ahlskog will serve no jail time for his crime but will instead be put on probation.