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Victura and Highwire Games just announced that Six Days in Fallujah is back from the dead. The game was apparently so controversial back when Konami first announced it that the entire project was scrapped. Now, it's back and it's targeting a release for consoles and PC in 2021.

The game originally failed to find a publisher back in 2009. Veterans and others who were opposed to the war in Iraq protested the idea behind the game.

Six Days in Fallujah is planned to be a tactical military shooter. This game is based off of real-world events that took place in the Second Battle for Fallujah in 2004. This is where soldiers from Western countries were tasked with clearing out an Al Qaeda stronghold that was set up in one of Iraq's major cities. It was a bloody mess, to put it mildly.

This return is claiming to be "the most authentic military shooter to date" and will incorporate the stories of over 100 soldiers and civilians that were present during the Second Battle for Fallujah.

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“Sometimes the only way to understand what’s true is to experience reality for yourself,” says former Marine Sergeant Eddie Garcia, who was wounded during the Battle for Fallujah and proposed the original idea for Six Days in Fallujah in 2005. “War is filled with uncertainty and tough choices that can’t be understood by watching someone on a TV or movie screen make these choices for you. Video games can help all of us understand real-world events in ways other media can’t.”