Take the Peril on the go.
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The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon is now available on the Nintendo Switch thanks to the work by Obsidian Entertainment and Private Division. This will allow Switch players to investigate the mysterious downfall of the Gorgon project while on the go.

The Peril on Gorgon expansion raises the game's level cap, which allows for more skill customization and more perks for players. There are also three new science weapons, a variety of new armor sets, and new creature variants to battle.

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Peril on Gorgon begins with a cryptic message beckoning you to investigate the Gorgon Asteroid. This remote scientific facility was once a beacon of crowning achievement in developing Adrena-Time, a modern marvel which improved health and worker productivity. However, the program was abruptly and inexplicably shut down. You must venture through deep canyons, defunct laboratories, and abandoned research facilities to piece together the clues that hold the truth behind one of the darkest secrets within the Spacer’s Choice corporation. What will you find on Gorgon?