With more than 32 million active players and one constantly growing, League of Legends is one of the most popular games in the world including esports.

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If you're looking for a quick way to learn the basics of the game and ultimately complete the game without calling yourself a super player, look no further. Here are some League of Legends beginner tips to help you get started.

What is League of Legends?

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena-based game, also referred to as MOBA. This is among the most famous and is one of the finest esports games ever made.

You will get to hear the "smurf." Most late-game/ pro players use a smurf account to get the fullest enjoyment of the game. Check this out if you want to get a LOL smurf account.

Ten players are split into two groups in a standard league game, consisting of five champions, and battle on a multiplayer map named 'Summoner's Rift.'

A hero is called a Champion and is controlled by one of these members.

What is a Champion?

10 players from both teams can control 1 champion each in the full game.

There are currently more than 140 championships, with new titles being added over time.

Each champion has unique abilities and strengths, as well as a unique play style.

Each side takes action by choosing a champion just before the match starts.

When you work with your team to build a team of champions who can collaborate, many strategies are involved.

How do you win?

The main objective of LOL is to demolish the towers and, finally, the base of another team. However, it is not simple.

Stuttering can be very problematic while playing competitive games. Nvidia releases a hotfix driver to fix these issues.

To kill you and demolish their base, your opponents will do their best to resist.

There is a sequence of turrets from each base and a constant wave of minions.

You will certainly die if you begin the match and try to run directly to the enemy base, not because the enemy squad will kill you, but because you are too vulnerable and will die in a few shots.

If you have graphics issues while playing LOL, try this hotfix driver.

The league is a bit like a role-playing game (RPG) that unfolds in a short time.

You start at level 1 and then gradually get stronger as you gain experience and earn money.

The strength of both teams continues to grow and is contradictory. Eventually, the team can gain an advantage and ultimately win.

What is Summoner's Rift?

In the league, there are many other maps. However, for now, we will focus on Summoner's Rift, as you will probably spend much of your time here anyway.

Basics of the Summoner's Rift:

There are 2 groups with five champions each: red and blue.

One squad must demolish the Nexus of the defending team to win.

During gameplay, creatures will continuously spawn from Nexus at each base and advance in three lines.

These three lanes are called the top lane, middle lane, and bottom lane. All three lanes have turrets that will attack enemy heroes and minions.

The summoner must eliminate all the turrets in at least one lane and break the remaining two turrets that defend the Nexus from attacking and killing it.

Turrets and Inhibitors

Destroying turrets and other structures known as "suppressors" will reward players with gold coins and allow waves of creeps to cross the line (as there is no tower to stop them).

The silencer is a structure located behind the original turret inside the base. If the silencer is destroyed, enhanced minions (known as a super minion) will appear until the silencer regenerates after a few minutes.

A team can generally use super minions to successfully conquer a previously difficult base to attack and create a chance to win.

The Fountain and Shop

You will begin in the circular chamber of a fountain at the start of each game called the base. You will return to the base, as this is the post-death spawn site and the store's location.

At any point in the match, you can go to the base to heal or purchase items. All you need to do is use the summoner function available for each summoner. Please use it carefully and safely as it will break when you cast it.

Income and Items

As mentioned above, killing an enemy minion, building, or champion will earn the player gold coins used to purchase items from the fountain shop.

The ultimate goal of the gold is to give players the flexibility to increase stats and play style. There are several things to satisfy your specifications, whether you choose more attack damage, resilience, or healing.

LOL Champion Basics

Heroes are the soul and soul of League of Legends, as they are usually the things that players can resonate with the most.

While Summoner's Rift remains unchanged, the different combinations of heroes chosen by the ten players can evoke completely different paces and feelings.

Whether you want to do ranged damage, melee, or help your team in terms of utility, there is a champion.

Auto-attacks and Abilities

Each hero can use automatic attacks and abilities when the player right-clicks on the target. An automatic attack is also known as a "basic attack." This will cause the champion to continue attacking the target until he dies.

Abilities are obtained with Q, W, E, and R. Each hero has his unique ability.

All heroes can use D and F abilities, called summoner spells. They depend on the player's personal preferences.

Experience and Leveling up a Champion

Heroes gain experience by raising slaves and jungle camps or by killing (or helping to kill) heroes.

Destroying turrets and turrets can provide an experience for the entire team.

Gaining levels and experience can make the champion more powerful. Purchasing goods allows the hero to choose which attributes to acquire freely, and reaching a level can activate the hero's default added value.

These boosts are attack speed, attack power, magic, armor resistance, HP, HP regen, MP, MP regen, and Healing.

Upgrades can also provide skill points that can be used to increase the master's QWER skill power.

Summoner Spells
In addition to the QWER skill, For his champion, each summoner must pick 2 summoning spells. Summoner spells have their purpose and cooldown, which are the other two abilities.

They provide flexibility, help you adapt to your heroes' selections, and play according to your favorite play style. When you play the game for the first time, you will gradually unlock them.

• Heal (240-second cooldown)
• Ghost (180-second cooldown)
• Barrier (180-second cooldown)
• Exhaust (210-second cooldown)
• Flash (300-second cooldown)
• Teleport (360-second cooldown)
• Smite (210-second cooldown)
• Cleanse (210-second cooldown)
• Ignite (180-second cooldown)


The most important thing is to fight when the champion is at its strongest and watch out for the enemy when the champion uses its power. Also, pay attention to factors such as farm and experience level.