The mod returns but with some modifications.
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Just a couple of short weeks back, a new mod for Fallout: New Vegas was released. It was the highly anticipated mod The Frontier, and it was a mod that took several years of development time. It brought the Nexus Mods' servers to their knees with how many downloads it managed to accumulate. And then, just like that, it was pulled from the service after roughly one week.

It was discovered that one of the developers was allegedly posting "inappropriate content involving anthropomorphic minors." This developer was expelled from the mod team. It was because of this and some rather disgusting in-game fetish-like writing concerning a slave that the mod was temporarily pulled from Nexus Mods.

The mod is now back online and downloadable but with some important changes. Not only was the expelled dev's work scrubbed from the game, but several others requested that their work also be removed from the mod. The amount of cut content includes "multiple characters' worth of voice acting," as these persons no longer wanted to be associated with the project going forward. On top of this, some artists also requested that their work be removed from the mod. At least one musical composer requested that their music be pulled from the mod.

So sure, the mod might be downloadable again, but it's going to be a mere shadow of what it formerly was. Don't be alarmed if you download the mod and find that several characters have missing voice lines, or some items and weapons are vanilla placeholder items.

The mod was returned with a note from the project lead on the mod, Tgspy.

We apologize for our temporary silence. It has recently come to our attention that one of the artists for the project, has been creating inappropriate content involving anthropomorphic minors for some time. None of the team members were aware of this person's actions prior to them coming to light, and we condemn them in the strongest possible way. That person was immediately removed from the team, and their contribution to the project were removed (which is the vast majority of pip-boy icons). Do note that, despite some claims to the contrary, this person had no influence on the writing of the project.
Tgspy goes on to say that they have also removed the offending lines concerning a slave girl. It is also now not possible to have sex with an insect-like species (pictured above, image via Eurogamer) as they have been removed from the mod. However, the insect-like creatures will apparently return with an optional download at a later date.

A Steam release for the mod is still planned, but a specific date for that has not yet been given.