IO Interactive confirms the obvious.
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Even though IO Interactive just shipped Hitman 3 and they are busy working on a new James Bond game, that doesn't mean they're quite finished with Hitman 3 just yet. Forest Swartout, the executive producer for Hitman 3 told The Gamer that Hitman 3 DLC is coming, but they're not quite sure what form it will take.

He says that they are "definitely going to be doing some DLC, but (they) haven't defined what that is" yet. They are possibly considering a re-imagining of existing locations, but shied away from saying they were working on brand new locations. They are looking at maps from the entire trilogy if they do decide to go this route.

Swartout continues on to say that they probably aren't quite finished with Agent 47 just yet. There will be some post-Hitman 3 content in some form, saying that they are "continuously working on Hitman so we are already looking to the future."

IO Interactive had previously confirmed that Elusive Targets will make a return for Hitman 3. There is no release date for the first Elusive Target just yet though.