A fan requested feature is now a reality.
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It was long assumed from Phasmophobia players that your voice played a role in making the ghosts appear, or at very least pinpoint your location when being hunted. While it may have seemed true, it was merely anecdotal that ghosts would appear when you goaded them on with your microphone. That is, it was true until now.

Phasmophobia developer Kinect Games just announced a new feature for the game's beta build. This update will now allow the game's ghosts to listen for player voices when hunting. If the ghost "hears" you, it will search the location where the noise originated from.

The feature is currently in an experimental phase. It also depends on how loud you are on the microphone, meaning that you should be safe if you whisper during a hunting phase.

This change is in addition to another update that rolled out on January 8. That update added features that will make the ghosts move to your last known position. A change to the game's difficulty also made it so that it is now impossible to see if ghosts respond to individuals or to a group when playing on the game's professional difficulty.

If you haven't yet tried out Phasmophobia for yourself, you can pick it up from Steam for $13.99 (USD).