Look for a new winter map, weapons, and more.
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Another massive, yet free, update for Insurgency: Sandstorm was just released today. This update celebrates two years of "hardcore tactical FPS action." Operation: Cold Blood offers players a new winter-themed map, two new weapons, and more.

Bab is the name of the new map introduced in Cold Blood. This map is set in a snowy mountain village build around an ancient citadel. This map is supposedly perfect for snipers and features long lines of sight and an open layout. It's also apparently great for close-quarters combat with various indoor environments and tight alleyways.

The Marksman class now has two new high-caliber semi-auto battle rifles. These include the M110 SASS for Security and an M1 Garand for Insurgents. Each contains a variety of attachments and scopes.

The last major part of today's update is the addition of toggleable optic scopes. There is also a new cosmetic bundle that features four Cold Blood-themed pieces of content.

Insurgency: Sandstorm is currently 50% off on Steam through December 14th.

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