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DayZ Halloween 2020

Bohemia Interactive's DayZ is having a very special event right about now. For the weekend, you can get DayZ for 40% off along with the Livonia DLC at 20% off. The sale ends on November 2 for the Xbox One. A Steam Halloween Sale will run from October 29 through November 2. Then Sony will have a Planet of Discounts sale running from October 30 to November 20. DayZ will be a part of each sale.

There is also a "freaky DayZ Halloween Event" that will begin on October 28 and run through to Monday, November 2. The unique Halloween experience on these spookified servers will include the following:
  • Pumpkin (plant) spawns in farm areas
  • There is an increased amount of light sources spawning
  • Infected have a random chance to spawn with the Pumpkin Helmet or the red Headtorch
  • Player spawns with an additional item (roadflare)
  • It is always sunset. Fog increased as well.
  • There is "dark" night for everyone
  • Cows, Deers, Pigs, Roedeers and Boars don't spawn.
  • There are a lot more wolves pack in the map. They also hunt in a larger area of the map.